Why I Strongly Disagree with Simon Sinek

I wouldn’t wish my path to this exact point on anyone as I’ve felt incredibly lonely at many different times, I’ve certainly questioned my sanity, and I’ve chosen to stand by my passion rather than listening to those closest to me. Yet, that is precisely why I've marched on and I’ve decided to write and share this piece of my heart with the world. Because I cannot stand the thought of someone sitting back and impatiently waiting to pursue their dreams simply because they don’t have a support system of their own.

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PIVOT: Redemption (Part Four)

As badly as I longed to fully & wholly devote myself to building a business, I never wanted to contribute to the sleazy side of creative entrepreneurship that sends the message that you can quit your job & make your first million overnight.

I am here to share my experience with you which looked absolutely nothing like any of those shady ads plastered all over Facebook & Instagram.

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PIVOT: Resilience (Part Two)

You are going to run into naysayers & people who doubt your ideas or ability when you are breaking the mold to do something different. If your life matters to you, and it absofuckinglutely should, you’ll politely tell these people to kick rocks as you move forward in your purpose.

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Is the perpetual quest for more holding us back from experiencing enough?

For the record, I am all for reevaluating our current state of affairs and wanting more for ourselves & our lives in a next level of true fulfillment sort of way. It is by no means selfish to want more regardless of where that “more” falls. To me, wanting & asking for more means you have evolved. You’ve learned what is no longer a fit for your life because you've outgrown where you're currently at for one reason or another. And to be crystal clear, more doesn’t always equate to more stuff or another title or some new shiny thing.

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Introverting at an Unconference

I’ve been back in my usual routine of working, coaching, creating, & general adventuring on the east coast now for a month since leaving Portland, Oregon. The purpose for my time in the beautiful northwest (ya know, other than to get out & see this incredible world) was to attend World Domination Summit (WDS). In case you haven’t heard of WDS, it’s designed for those of us who are living or aspiring to live a non-traditional lifestyle while also wanting to make a mark. In short, it’s kind of like an adult summer camp for the genuine do-gooders & dreamers.

Going into the long weekend which was going to be filled to the brim with meetups & activities on top of numerous keynote talks, I knew I needed some sort of game plan to maintain both my energy & enthusiasm. Here is how I stayed jazzed while having just about the best few days with a few thousand strangers.

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Fresh Finds :: JUNE

Lucky for us we live in a world full of extraordinary people who are doing some pretty amazing things. What's better than that is how easily accessible all these incredible goodies are as long as there's WiFi.

I'm introducing a new monthly series to these parts because I figure what better way to show my appreciation & gratitude than by sharing these rad resources. It will be some combination of virtual products, social media accounts, podcasts, Facebook groups, so on & so forth.

So, without further ado, here's the very first roundup. Enjoy!

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Is balance possible?

I recently celebrated a birthday & while I am a firm believer in having this day off to do whatever makes your heart happy I wasn’t sure this was going to happen this time around seeing as I also recently started a new job. Luckily for me, my boss insisted I take the day off & so I did. My first thought as a multipassionate entrepreneur with a seemingly endless to do list? There’s so much I can get done!

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Your title doesn't matter.

I bet if I asked you could remember the last time a stranger or new acquaintance posed the question, "What do you do?" For such an open-ended question, everyone knows what’s implicitly being asked. This sort of inquiry is quite common in American society & almost immediately, as in without hesitation, follows an introduction.

The traditional path one is supposed to follow goes something like complete high school, graduate college, & land a decent paying job in a stable, yet growing field with all the benefits so you can begin to lay the foundation for the rest of your life.

This is both the norm and the popular route due in large part to its comfort & familiarity so it’s easy to understand where the emphasis (and insane amount of pressure) on your chosen career path comes from. Yet, despite the ease & security of a more traditional path, this decision may still leave you feeling a bit empty or like you’re missing out on something.

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What exactly is Life Coaching?

By now, I'm sure you've heard the term 'life coach' as it's become a hot topic, but I think it's safe to say there's still a bit of ambiguity. You may have some knowledge or maybe this is your very first exposure. Either way, I'm happy to have you here so allow me to break it down for you.

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as:


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