2017 Reflections: Memories & Moments

2017 Reflections: Memories & Moments by Christine Barnes

I’ll come right out & say it: 2017 wasn’t the year I wished for on a lot of different levels.

There were times when my white flag was in hand just waiting to be angrily thrown up. I was ready to give up the path I had been working so hard to forge so I could hit the easy button & fall in line with the rest of our discouraged society. The highs were so incredibly high while the lows felt crippling & permanent.

As a private person who falls on the introverted side of the spectrum it’s hard for me to open up especially when things aren’t going all that well. Fortunately, last year delivered a handful of people who have become lifesavers. These people are my people & I am forever grateful for each of them.


I don’t believe you can welcome a new chapter without processing what’s been which is why I like to share a year’s end review of sorts. I’ve split my reflection into three parts in the past but I’m doing it a little different this year. Here are the memories & moments from 2017 that made my unforgettable year.

Women's March :: Asbury Park, New Jersey

You bet your butt I marched on January 21, 2017. First & foremost as a human, but also as an ally for anyone who feels like they aren't able to stand up for their beliefs. For equality & love. For my future & generations to come. For my sisters & brothers near & far. And because my voice matters.

2017 Reflections by Christine Barnes


This was the theme of my year and by far the thing I most loved creating & sharing with the world. The Unconventional Courage Campaign was launched & gained traction in the two times it ran last year. I've got an even bigger vision & desire to spread the mission & the message of unconventional courage so be sure to keep an eye out for the next offering.



You'll know that I've been a practicing Life Coach for some time now if you've been following this journey from the get-go. I am happy to finally share that my training is complete as I am now a Certified Life Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Click on over to check out my coach's profile 😎



Danielle LaPorte released her latest book, White Hot Truth, this year & I was fortunate to grab a ticket to her book launch festivities. I was even luckier to meet, hug, & thank her for keeping it real in a time when the line between forced or fake & actually encouraging is ridiculously thin when it comes to creating meaningful work.

2017 Reflections by Christine Barnes

soulful collaboration

Katie Kurtz & I first met in San Francisco in November 2016 and it was magic from the start. We took what initially bonded us and then began connecting with more & more people who share the struggle of wanting to make it all work while juggling life & all it can throw at us. This article is only the beginning of what's to come from the two of us so stay tuned!

2017 Reflections by Christine Barnes


This was my second year attending WDS & it was the best year yet in my opinion. I attended solo but left with a slew of friends & souls who just get living life to the beat of a different drum. A full week of adventuring, creating, networking, & dreaming big? Yeah, you'll definitely find me in Portland this summer.

2017 Reflections by Christine Barnes


I ventured across the country a week earlier than necessary for World Domination Summit so I could hang with one of my best friends who recently moved to northern California. We explored much of that part of the state, drank our fair share of local beer, & even picked up a puppy along the way!


HOMEBREW & Beer adventures

My man & I took our love to a new level… by brewing our own beer! We also toasted our way through a number of breweries in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, & Vermont.

2017 Reflections by Christine Barnes


2017 was without question the year our love flourished. It was also the year we both dug our heels that much deeper into the devotion for our respective professional sports teams. All I have to say is #GOSOX!

2017 Reflections by Christine Barnes

30th Birthday

I shared my most personal post yet when I entered a new decade. Turning 30, just like 2017, was not what I expected in the least bit. I won't spoil any of it because the post in its entirety is worthy of a read. What I will say is that I'm still standing as this trip around the sun comes to a close & 31 inches closer.


Life is a rollercoaster if you’re truly living it & feeling every*dang*thing that comes with paving your own path so 2017 was both beautiful & challenging. It was a year of firsts and adventures and lessons. I wasn't sure I was going to make it out with the same ambition or drive in mind, but I have. And I am looking forward to what this year brings & sharing that with you.


Have you wrapped up all that was 2017? If so, which memory stands out most for you & why?