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It's Time You Showed up for Life

Up until recently I hadn’t been sharing, posting, or uploading to any social media platform. With Instagram being my platform of choice, I was still active in that I was scrolling and double tapping and commenting when inspired to do so though sharing what was happening on this side of the screen wasn’t happening.

Rather than worrying about whether or not we’re meeting the requirements or expectations put into place by others, we can choose to turn the attention inwards and focus on the person we want to be when showing up.

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Courage & the Choice to Be Ourselves

Over the course of a month I was on the receiving end of criticism, judgement, and even a few derogatory terms because a choice I was considering was unpopular. Certain comments hit me much like a wrecking ball because I had shelved everything else as I directed and devoted my full effort, energy, and focus to the one thing I was now considering walking away from.

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Why I Strongly Disagree with Simon Sinek

I wouldn’t wish my path to this exact point on anyone as I’ve felt incredibly lonely at many different times, I’ve certainly questioned my sanity, and I’ve chosen to stand by my passion rather than listening to those closest to me. Yet, that is precisely why I've marched on and I’ve decided to write and share this piece of my heart with the world. Because I cannot stand the thought of someone sitting back and impatiently waiting to pursue their dreams simply because they don’t have a support system of their own.

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Is the perpetual quest for more holding us back from experiencing enough?

For the record, I am all for reevaluating our current state of affairs and wanting more for ourselves & our lives in a next level of true fulfillment sort of way. It is by no means selfish to want more regardless of where that “more” falls. To me, wanting & asking for more means you have evolved. You’ve learned what is no longer a fit for your life because you've outgrown where you're currently at for one reason or another. And to be crystal clear, more doesn’t always equate to more stuff or another title or some new shiny thing.

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Grace Isn’t Reserved Only for the Spiritual

You’ve heard me bang on about really l-i-v-i-n-g life, as in living the life you want for yourself regardless of outside opinions and traditional or societal norms. But, if we’re being honest with one another, then we need to state the obvious. Doing so—living life for yourself—means you will inevitably be met with hardships and crossroads.

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Is balance possible?

I recently celebrated a birthday and while I am a firm believer in having this day off to do whatever makes your heart happy I wasn’t sure this was going to happen this time around seeing as I also recently started a new job. Luckily for me, my boss insisted I take the day off and so I did. My first thought as a multipassionate entrepreneur with a seemingly endless to do list? There’s so much I can get done!

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Gratitude: The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Part Two)

Consciously bringing gratitude into my daily life has helped me in countless ways. I’m more compassionate and empathetic, and I also appreciate each and every bit of this life. The weather, random authentic conversation, morning drives with my grandfather, and nights when my cheeks and stomach hurt from laughing are only just the beginning. The same goes for challenging times, too, because there’s a lesson, experience, or bit of wisdom to be gained through it all.

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Gratitude: The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Part One)

Gratitude is simply the act of being thankful, and it is especially important as we enter this festive time of year since the holidays can bring with them a bit of unexpected chaos. Between unintended expectations and the broad spectrum of personalities, an attitude of gratitude is one of the best tools to carry with you because in truth, we’re all pretty lucky despite the inevitable stress brought on by the holiday season.

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Trust Isn't a Destination

When is the last time you put complete & utter trust into your journey?

It’s hard for me to ignore the signs I’ve been receiving over the past few weeks encouraging me to slow down & allow myself to enjoy what’s happening around me rather than trying to control & predict the outcome. That may sound pretty far out there, but hear me out.

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