Fresh Finds :: SEPTEMBER

Fresh Finds is back with a home grown roundup of who & what's inspiring me. I highly encourage you to check out the following two groups, website, & podcast because you never know when you'll read or hear just the thing to kick your motivation up a notch.


Live Your Legend

The motto says it all  change the world by doing work you love. LYL is a revolutionary movement inspired by pursuit, purpose, & community to encourage those of us who want to make a dent in the world while experiencing as much as possible. The best part about this group is the more than 200,000 members from around the world.

The School of Greatness Podcast

Lewis Howes is a New York Times Bestseller, Olympic athlete, & media mogul who is nearing 400 episodes. He chats with some of the most influential folks across a lot of different industries. Some of my most favorite episodes include, but aren't limited to:

#312 - How to Move Forward Without a Plan with Chris Guillebeau

#341 - Elizabeth Gilbert on Creating Big Magic and Staying Grounded

#363 - The Journey Is The Destination

#368 - Travis Pastrana on the Fearless Mindset to Pursue Your Passion


CreativeLive is an online education company which features both live & recorded classes in the categories of photo & video, art & design, music & audio, craft & maker, and money & life. September's upcoming freebies include Time Management 101, How to Become a Funnier Speaker, and Photo Week 2016. Personally, I'm excited for The Power of Happiness with Vanessa Van Edwards which is scheduled for the first week of October.

The Rising Tide Society Facebook Group

A community for creative entrepreneurs, The Rising Tide Society Facebook group is an excellent place for corporate employees with a side hustle & self-employed business owners alike. From weekly prompts to monthly get-togethers, you'll find yourself amongst people who have been in your shoes & experienced the sometimes not-so-glamorous side of starting & sustaining a business.

Let me know how you find these fantastic sources of inspiration and, as always, leave me some love below with your favorite go-to online spots.

Here's to an extraordinary September.