Fresh Finds :: January

Fresh Finds :: January by Christine Barnes

What a coincidence that the first roundup of who & what is inspiring me in 2018 is a group of seriously brave women ๐Ÿ˜‰  As always, these are people & programs I respect & have applied to my own life so I can actually vouch for the exceptional nature of everything I'm sharing with you.


Enjoy & be sure to show each of them all the love.



Ash's emails are among the very small group of newsletters I truly look forward to landing in my inbox. She spices up the world of entrepreneurship with her straightforwardness which is matched with her life experience to create a unique business & brand.

Her latest offering, Unf*ckwithable, lays out everything you need to get your business started on the right foot without any extraneous information that can lead to distractions & overwhelm. She's included everything from naming & trademarking your business to getting your accounting in order to real-life examples of just about any contract a creative entrepreneur might need when first starting out.

coffee & REVOLUTION with glennon doyle

Glennon Doyle is the author of the New York Times bestseller Love Warrior & the founder of the non-profit Together Rising. If you have yet to, go get yourself a copy of her book & check out all the good this charity has done in its short existence.

Her latest video project brings the tougher issues to light while emphasizing the human element that is so often sacrificed for a higher production value. She offers up down-to-earth, super practical answers to everyday questions & ends each episode with a "JOY BREAK" which is sure to make your heart smile. These episodes have become my go-tos when the world begins to feel too out of control.


Katie Kurtz is spearheading the Soul Connect Movement which encourages us all to fully embrace ourselves & where we're currently at so we can truly begin to live the lives we want on our own terms. Not only is she an extraordinary Life Coach, she also hosts monthly in-person gatherings in the Cleveland area & is often leading groups of courageous individuals through setting goals with soul.

Be sure to check her out if you are even remotely close to Cleveland. And keep an eye & ear out for what she's bringing in the year to come because I know it's going to be all sorts of AMAZING!


Danielle LaPorte is one of the most influential leaders amongst the personal development world, and she's also one of the most giving entrepreneurs. For the time being, you can grab The Desire Map bundle fo' free!

When we have a clearer idea of how we want to feel, not just intended outcomes, we can actually align ourselves with more conscious goals. And I have a feeling you're in favor of more consciousness this year so get it for yourself if you don't already have it & be sure to gift it to your loved ones.

Let me know how you find these fantastic sources of inspiration and feel free to leave a comment with anyone & everyone who is inspiring you & your days.

To beginning this year on a bold note.