An Homage To Home

I’ve been on a personal quest over the past few years to find a place which feels like home. It was five years ago this very month when I left just about everything behind to start over in southern Vermont. Truthfully, there’s no such thing.

We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending.
— Zig Ziglar

If you’ve read my recent posts you’ll know I’ve gone about my adult life by allowing my heart to make most ‘major’ decisions. The move away from my hometown was no different & ironically it was the beginning of my voyage home. I had my car packed & I was northbound to New England as soon as I handed in my last university final because I had enough of my current circumstances. I felt something the first time I drove into the Green Mountains that I hadn’t felt before & I certainly wasn’t feeling it in New Jersey.


I spent more than two years exploring the northeast & it’s safe to say that a huge chunk of my heart will always remain there. I attribute what makes me (the core of who I am) to the time I spent here. It's where I was able to develop my relationship with both nature & creativity which are two fundamental pieces of my being. My grandfather half-jokingly always said I was up there finding myself & it turns out that was exactly what was happening.


Since then I’ve moved back to New Jersey for a couple years & most recently, I’ve spent a solid amount of time in Washington, DC. I will always be thankful for the experience of living in the nation’s capital just as I am happy to immerse myself in the energy & excitement found in any new destination. The recurring theme here, however, is I’ve returned to New Jersey with the hopes of once & for all finding this illusive feeling of home.


But here’s the thing: I haven’t found it because I’ve been going about the search the wrong way all this time. Home isn’t a physical address or place to hang your hat. Home is a feeling which can only be achieved within yourself & if you’re lucky with a limited number of people.





Where we love is home — home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Well, what do you know! These feelings have been here all along. It took a bit of self discovery but now I can truly appreciate what causes me to feel like I'm home.

And to name a few:

▸ breakfast with Pop Pop

▸ time well spent with a few incredibly important people

▸ driving over the causeway bridge

▸ watching the sunset


I know this feeling will continue to take shape as my journey continues to evolve, but I can finally say I feel like I’m home. I’m comfortable in my own skin & I am proud of the life I am paving for myself. And if & when my physical address matches my inner dwellings, you can count on one kick-ass housewarming party of which you're all invited!


So now I want to hear from you.

What's home to you? Which people, activities, or places bring those feelings of freedom, love, & peace of mind?