PIVOT: Redemption (Part Four)

PIVOT: Redemption by Christine Barnes

Catch yourself up with Part One: Release, Part Two: Resilience, and Part Three: Resignation if necessary before you continue reading.

As badly as I longed to fully and wholly devote myself to building a business, I never wanted to contribute to the sleazy side of creative entrepreneurship that sends the message that you can quit your job and make your first million overnight.

I will confess that I fell for those sponsored posts a few times more than I care to share, but becoming one of those people who lure others in with empty promises just so they can sell you everything in their arsenal was never my goal.

I’m not here to argue the verities of those polished promos and programs. I am here to share my experience with you which looked absolutely nothing like any of those shady ads plastered all over Facebook and Instagram.

Part of the reason for leaving my somewhat secure role within my 9-to-5 job was to give myself a fighting chance at making something out of the things I am passionate about. A real chance to spread my message of unconventional courage by combining my skills as a life coach and writer with my experiences and perspective. This was also my opportunity to financially support myself and the basic lifestyle I craved but could not currently afford.

I wanted to move forward feeling empowered rather than frustrated and angry that my life wasn’t changing. Being the big dreamer that I am and wanting to bring projects I’d been non stop thinking about to life was going to require me to be at my very best if there was any chance of success.

I saw this chance as a redemption in a way. A chance to redeem myself, but also a chance to redeem my life which I knew wasn’t being lived to its fullest potential. This was my chance to prove myself both to myself and to whomever else needed proof.

I juggled my full time commitment with the undertaking of life coaching and enrolling in courses and working with business coaches and trying to tend to relationships over these last two years. All the while I had been waiting for someone else to take a chance on me. I didn’t doubt that I could be a successful entrepreneur, I feared I would never be given the opportunity.

What I've since learned is the confidence anyone places in you will never replace or top the confidence you have in yourself. The same goes for life’s chances.

I am reclaiming my story and the life I want to work toward. I'm tossing conventionality and the false safety of positions in other companies to the side as I recoup control of my life.


This is the fourth post in a multiple part series. Check back in for the last piece, Revolution.