PIVOT: Release (Part One)

PIVOT: Release by Christine Barnes

I’ll spare you the white, middle-class millennial woman rundown and skip straight to the heart of the matter.

I’ve had to work since I was a teenager. In fact, I was working under the table before I was legally old enough to be employed. Since then, I’ve held more jobs with a plethora of companies throughout a number of fields than I care to count. I’ve learned a lot in my more than 18 years of working across five different states.

I’ve been fired and “let go,” and I’ve moved on from the positions and companies that no longer made the cut. My work history resembles that of a modern day wild goose chase so it would be no surprise then that yet another job didn’t work out.

If you’ve had a conversation with me that went further than surface level questions and feel-good compliments over the past two-ish years, then you’ll surely have heard me talk about juggling a growing passion in my side business along with a full time job.

If you’ve been following my journey into life coaching and entrepreneurship, then you’ll know that I have a strong desire to do what I can to encourage others to step away from societal norms so they can begin living the lives they truly want for themselves.

And if you’ve caught my posts on Instagram or you've been reading along recently, then you’ll most likely have seen some mention of unconventional courage.

I bet you're wondering why I’ve decided to share all of this with you, right?

Because, sometimes, as badly as you want to make something happen or as much as you wish for a miracle out of thin air that will ultimately change your direction, life has a plan of its own. Stay with me here.

My path to this point doesn’t look anything like I had hoped it would back when I was a teenager. I’ve learned we cannot predict what’s coming to us or who shows up, but we absolutely have a choice in how we react and the action we take moving forward.

There are a few other reasons for sharing this story of perseverance and purpose.

Most importantly, I want to shake up our society and its stance on settling. Living to work without experiencing any of the joy, fun, or abundance that comes with being human is wrong. Devoting your time to a position or company for most of your existence just so you can maybe retire and maybe enjoy your free time later in life is insane. And I know for sure that I am not alone in thinking that.

What allows me the opportunity to live the life I want now is entrepreneurship. I have the flexibility and freedom to write and create and coach when it’s best for me while still allowing for impromptu adventures as I carry on with my pursuit to share meaningful work with the world.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Actually, it’s only been this way for the last week.

Like I said, I didn’t think this would be the story I’d tell but it is worthy of sharing even if it looks nothing like I could have imagined. I am living proof that you can pursue extraordinary despite coming from the epitome of average.

And lastly, I knew it was time for me to full-heartedly talk my talk and walk my walk. As a proponent of regularly challenging ourselves and saying ‘Yes!’ to opportunities when presented even when we’re a little scared, taking this leap was the most courageous thing I could do.

What you’re going to discover in the coming days is how exactly this transition came about. I can promise you there will be no sugarcoating, only the raw rollercoaster of emotions and feelings felt throughout a time span of a few days including the almighty decision that was made in less than 24 hours.


This is the first of a multiple post series. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, Resilience.