PIVOT: Resignation (Part Three)

PIVOT: Resignation by Christine Barnes

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In a sense, I had unintentionally resigned myself from dreaming big and attaining the life I desperately longed for. It would appear this way seeing as I remained in a job that stopped benefitting me very early on in my two years with the company. Looking back, there was a pattern of complacency while I simultaneously waited for something to magically happen to me.

Resilience will only take you so far. You have to meet it and then make a move if you want to switch up your stagnant situation. And I certainly don’t mean adding “some lucky break” to your vision board.

I had no desire to settle despite how complacent I had become so I had to resign from the people and roles my life no longer had space for if there was even a remote chance of living the dream life I had been lusting after. A life that consisted of freedom, love, impact, and adventure.

So what exactly did I resign from? Well, if it wasn’t already a given, my 9-to-5 job. When I made that decision I also decided to no longer accept or tolerate inequality and disrespect. And this was a long time coming as I had slowly been removing friendships that felt like chores and relationships I was holding onto just because.

To me, the act of resigning felt like a liberation, like that was my golden ticket just waiting for me to claim it. I knew in the deepest part of my being that stepping away from my job, or any formal idea of a 9-to-5 position for that matter, was the most courageous thing I could do at this exact moment in my life.

Knowing this very crucial piece of information and recognizing its importance was one thing. It was a whole other thing to begin planning for what that would look like.

I began to verbally share the idea of leaving my 9-to-5 grind to pursue creative entrepreneurship with my inner circle. It had been a dream of mine to make this transition for a few years now and it became a very real idea shortly before this past Christmas.

I then went on to list this big transition as my first goal and main focus for the Great Big Journey which was a coaching program I enrolled in with hopes of accountability, encouragement, and reassurance.

I devised my original plan to work my last day within this company on March 23, 2018. This would give me more than two months to mentally prepare myself and get as many of my ducks in a row as possible. I had written a list of the necessary items I’d like taken care of prior to my first day working for myself. This list included things like car repairs, business legalities, and paying off as much debt as I could afford. There were fourteen items on this list with more than two months to spare.

Eight days passed between the sharing of this long standing dream of mine with my coach for the very first time and the opportunity presenting itself to become a reality. The specifics of what eventually led to me leaving my day job aren’t what matter most here. What I will tell you is that I reached a breaking point.

I had thrown this goal out to the Universe and I believe that the Universe has my back so I saw this experience, as unexpected and sudden as it was, as my opportunity to leap. I wasn’t as prepared as I’d hoped I’d be when the day arrived and I didn’t think I would make such a powerful decision with such short notice. But then again, are we ever truly prepared for these risks when delivered to us throughout our lives?

My choice was to either continue working 40 hours in this role and eventually conform to the rest of the population who gave up chasing their dreams OR I could strum up every ounce of courage and then some to finally pursue becoming a full time business owner.

Day nine rolled around and my mind was mostly made up. The energy of that day was different. It was my last day in that position and I knew it so I finished most of the projects that had been started prior to this newfound possibility and I took it all in one last time.

It was my time to pivot so I had to share my decision that I would be leaving at the end of the day and with that public declaration came instant relief and as though a huge weight had been lifted.

It was liberation in its purest form. I felt like a new woman and I was ready to turn the page to begin the next chapter.


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