PIVOT: Revolution (Part Five)

PIVOT: Revolution by Christine Barnes

And so here we are. Catch yourself up with Part One: Release, Part Two: Resilience, Part Three: Resignation, and Part Four: Redemption if necessary before you continue reading.

Officially three weeks out on my own now and here I stand at the very beginning of this next chapter. Here’s a recap crammed in a nutshell for the sake of time:

My life had a fair amount of extraordinary moments and experiences yet there was one prominent part that slowly began to permeate and fester until I was ready to recognize just how dire the situation had become. I was miserable and I had grown proud of how resilient I’d also become and how I could continue to recover from setbacks even though I was responsible for entering and keeping myself in these detrimental scenarios.

I finally had had enough of the disrespect, the inequality, the stagnance, and the toxicity that came with my workplace, and the measly paycheck was no longer enough to keep me there. Suddenly, the possibility of leaving the position I had held for roughly two years appeared and I saw this as the opportunity of my lifetime. With about 24 hours notice and equally lengthy mulling, I made my decision and just like that I worked my last day as someone else’s employee with only the plan to pursue my entrepreneurial dream in place.

Bottom line, I neglected my intuition in favor of playing small, sitting in the shit while wishing my days away, and settling. It wasn’t all bad and it certainly wasn’t all good, but I knew I wanted more.

Part of me wishes I had worked out more details or checked a few more items off my to do list prior to taking this leap. But there’s a bigger piece of me that knew that March 23 would have came and went and I would have most likely still been in my stale day job with less enthusiasm for hustling in my free time because I would be burnt-the-fuck-out.

I began thinking about the concept of rewriting or restoring our stories around the same time I began vocalizing the plan to leave my day job so I could right my path and fully focus on my passions. The idea was hard for me to fathom since I had limited any future thinking or dreaming. First things first, I’d need to define success on my own terms.

What even is success if all I’ve ever really known is simply trying to survive?

Success would equate to some combination of magnificence and abundance in my book. It would include becoming the wholest version of myself. In essence, it would look something like bringing true greatness into the world by leading a meaningful life and being a good person.

And how would I most like this next chapter to end if I was given the opportunity to catch a sneak peek ahead of time?

The whole picture is still coming together at this point as I continue to find my way out of the fog that was my former employment. See, I’ve had these big dreams for awhile now so they’re crystal clear but it’s the rest of the parts that support the overarching dreams and puzzle that are harder to piece together.

Whatever my future looks like right now or whatever shape it begins to take, the decision to leave my job to pursue my entrepreneurial dream was absolutely the best decision. This decision was the beginning of my personal revolution because there is a tremendous world out there just begging each of us to explore and interact and soak up as much of it as possible and I’ll be damned if I spend my time looking forward to freedom in retirement or waiting for something to magically come my way.

I knew I needed to reclaim my story which meant momentous change and an even bigger set of lady balls disguised as gumption. I am no longer going to let the what ifs and maybe thens consume my life when, all along, there's been another option.

All it takes is one decision to change your life. This is YOUR life after all and if it isn’t going how you want then it’s time to make another choice and take a different route. Courageous action creates a domino effect and I hope that this story of transition has ignited the bravery within to begin shedding the inconsequential shit that’s weighing you down so you can finally say YES to yourself and your biggest and boldest dreams.


This concludes this series for now, but this story is far from over. Did ya enjoy it? Drop a comment below or get in touch especially if you’ve got a big decision and bigger dreams weighing on you.