It's Time You Showed up for Life

Up until recently I hadn’t been sharing, posting, or uploading to any social media platform. With Instagram being my platform of choice, I was still active in that I was scrolling and double tapping and commenting when inspired to do so though sharing what was happening on this side of the screen wasn’t happening.

Rather than worrying about whether or not we’re meeting the requirements or expectations put into place by others, we can choose to turn the attention inwards and focus on the person we want to be when showing up.

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Courage & the Choice to Be Ourselves

Over the course of a month I was on the receiving end of criticism, judgement, and even a few derogatory terms because a choice I was considering was unpopular. Certain comments hit me much like a wrecking ball because I had shelved everything else as I directed and devoted my full effort, energy, and focus to the one thing I was now considering walking away from.

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2018: A Resilient Year

As the saying goes, we cannot begin to move forward until we’ve taken a good hard look back at what’s been. And this year has been a doozy.

Here I stand coming out the other side of 2018 after feeling every inch of the highs and giving the lows hell.

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PIVOT: Reckoning (Part Six)

As I enter almost one full year of full-on entrepreneurship, this journey has been an interesting one to say the least. Considering everything that has happened and everything I am about to share with you, I am rejoicing in the choice I made in January and I am proud that I am still standing, still writing.

But it hasn’t been all rave reviews and smooth sailing since that fateful day in January.

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Why I Strongly Disagree with Simon Sinek

I wouldn’t wish my path to this exact point on anyone as I’ve felt incredibly lonely at many different times, I’ve certainly questioned my sanity, and I’ve chosen to stand by my passion rather than listening to those closest to me. Yet, that is precisely why I've marched on and I’ve decided to write and share this piece of my heart with the world. Because I cannot stand the thought of someone sitting back and impatiently waiting to pursue their dreams simply because they don’t have a support system of their own.

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PIVOT: Redemption (Part Four)

As badly as I longed to fully and wholly devote myself to building a business, I never wanted to contribute to the sleazy side of creative entrepreneurship that sends the message that you can quit your job and make your first million overnight.

I am here to share my experience with you which looked absolutely nothing like any of those shady ads plastered all over Facebook and Instagram.

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PIVOT: Resilience (Part Two)

You are going to run into naysayers and people who doubt your ideas or ability when you are breaking the mold to do something different. If your life matters to you, and it absofuckinglutely should, you’ll politely tell these people to kick rocks as you move forward in your purpose.

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