This is 30.

This is 30 by Christine Barnes

I’ve now been riding the wave that is entering your thirties for six months. And what a ride it has been.

Birthdays are the one yearly event I want to celebrate. Ending one year & beginning another is as worthy a cause for celebration as any in my book. Instead of asking for gifts, I opt for adventures & simply enjoying the day with loved ones. My plans for this last birthday were no different as I was putting all work aside to get outside & explore.

Now I’ve never felt the pressure that can come from turning another year older. I should say I’ve never felt that pressure until the very last day of my twenties. And then it all hit me almost as if all the anxiety & societal expectations I had yet to contend with were being stockpiled for this very birthday.


What I'm going to share with you next was born out of an emotional breakdown fueled by that feeling of not having my shit together at the tender age of 30, and a few espresso martinis, but mostly being fed up.

Christine Barnes :: Life Empowerment Coach

What if this is the moment?

The moment you decide enough is enough.
The moment you stop living your life the way society expects.
The moment you stop listening to useless criticism.
The moment you stop apologizing for how you feel because it's too much for some people.
The moment you stop giving a damn about the things that don't matter & start giving a fuck about the things that do.

The moment you make a conscious decision to end the struggling.
The moment you take a firm stand for yourself, your beliefs, & the things you're passionate about.
The moment you shift your mindset from negative & very limiting to an attitude of celebration & unlimited possibilities.
The moment you add, “No.” to your lexicon. No to work that doesn't light you up. No to relationships which feel more & more like acquaintances & chores. No to doubting your ability even for a second.

What if this is the moment you stop living for others & start truly living your life?
The moment you finally begin to take yourself seriously.
The moment you begin putting yourself first above family, friends, coworkers, & clients.
The moment you grab life by the proverbial balls & boldly proclaim, “Let’s do this.”


Penning what I now refer to as my very own rallying cry was really only the beginning of what's been a mammoth turning point for me because the past six months have been packed with their fair share of life lessons.


▹ I’ve had to reassess & reframe very close relationships so it’s been heartbreaking.

▹ I’ve felt like I’ve been aboard the Hot Mess Express for far too long so it’s been exhausting.

▹ I’ve learned I don’t bounce back quite as fast as I used to so it’s been frustrating.

▹ I’ve dived deeper into all the components of my story & my beliefs so it’s been overwhelming.

▹ I’ve had to come to terms with not being able to do all the things all the time so it’s been discouraging.

▹ And I’ve wanted to call it quits as a coach & writer because building a nontraditional business is hard in every sense of the word & it’s been lonely.


Life is about the journey and embracing & celebrating every step along the way rather than waiting for one life-changing event.
It's about exploring, evolving, & emerging.


It would be very unfair for me to end it there because entering my thirties has also been all sorts of amazing. For every bit of darkness there has been so much light.


▹ I’ve made room for rich relationships to enter my life. I have a solid group of incredible individuals who support me across the board & lift me up when I need it most. These people are my people.

▹ I’ve learned to embrace the mess & to celebrate how far I’ve actually come. I never dreamed I would see the places I’ve visited, meet truly magnificent people from around the world, or work with women & men who are so passionate about making this planet a better place.

▹ I’ve realized I am one resilient babe! I might not bounce back right away, but you bet your butt I do bounce back stronger than before.

▹ I’ve opened myself & my heart up wider than ever before. That risk has been rewarded with me feeling more comfortable in my skin & with my own quirks with every passing day.

▹ I’ve prioritized what truly matters to me. I choose the people, work, & experiences in my life versus allowing anyone else to influence the way I spend my time.

▹ And I’ve marched on with all things coaching & writing because this business I’m building is without question my purpose. I've got big dreams & I will do whatever is required to bring these ideas to life!


The biggest theme of these past six months has been unbecoming everything I thought I should be so I can emerge as the person I truly am. It’s been a tough transition to say the least, but it’s absofuckinglutely necessary when you want to live a purposeful & impactful life. And I don't see any other way.

So here's to 30. The dirty, the flirty, the third life crisis. It's nothing like I expected and I'm positive these next six months will have their own ups & downs, but I promise you the ride is worth it.



A quick aside:

Turning the big 3-0 has inspired me to find my voice as a woman, life coach, & writer. The days of playing it safe in case someone reads this post or comes across something I've shared on social media & thinks I'm too opinionated or I'm not ladylike are long gone.

With that being said, I'd love for you to follow along if this post resonated with you.