It's Time You Showed up for Life

It's Time You Showed up for Life

It's Time You Showed up for Life by Christine Barnes

Up until recently I hadn’t been sharing, posting, or uploading to any social media platform. With Instagram being my platform of choice, I was still active in that I was scrolling and double tapping and commenting when inspired to do so though sharing what was happening on this side of the screen wasn’t happening.

In the event you’re wondering why this is of any importance, allow me to break it down. I am a writer, and I take pride in and also feel fulfillment when I share experiences and pieces of my story. I’m also a creative entrepreneur who wants to invoke change and bring about impact. When I’m not writing and sharing, I’m doing myself and others a huge disservice.

Thankfully, I eventually worked up the nerve or, better yet, gave myself a healthy dose of tough love and got back on the horse with this caption from my first Instagram post in some time:

Have you been showing up for your life?


I haven’t. And if we’re being brutally honest, it’s been about a year since I showed up.

What started as a string of unfortunate events turned into hibernation and here we are roughly twelve months later.

I can tell you why I’ve been hiding. I didn’t feel like I was living with integrity. I strive for perfection and life is messy. Because it’s easier for me to keep to myself instead of opening up to other people.

But here I am. I’m showing up without a plan and with as little self-imposed pressure as possible.

How are you showing up today?

And then I challenged myself. I had been absent for so long and I have so much I want to share. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could follow through so the challenge was to show up online for 30 straight days.

What exactly does it mean to show up?

Traditionally speaking, we think of showing up simply as being physically present for someone or something. I could say I had been hiding because of the job I accepted earlier this year and I could also say I was hiding because I was embarrassed with the culmination of events from roughly one year ago. Honestly, it was a combination of both of these things along with the choice I was repeatedly making to take into consideration how other people *might* view me and my life and to then allow these views to carry weight.

Rather than worrying about whether or not we’re meeting the requirements or expectations put into place by others, we can choose to turn the attention inwards and focus on the person we want to be when showing up. Beyond physical presence and undivided attention, this is what it means to show up:

It's Time You Showed up for Life by Christine Barnes

Remember that healthy dose of tough love I mentioned?

I don’t want to wake up and it’s suddenly March 2020 or any day in the future when I find myself feeling unworthy or sorry for myself because all I’ve done is watch my life pass by. I don’t want to have to resort to working yet another awful job for some company which treats me like an object taking up space rather than a person bringing their vision to life. I don’t want to have to continue living in an unhealthy environment because I won’t allow myself to think or act bigger. And I certainly don’t want to keep myself small and acquiescent when I know I am made for more.

So when you’re tired and thinking about staying put in your comfort zone, showing up in this moment might look like a dose of tough love and a kick in the ass to get you moving again.

When you’re stressed and hungry and you end up taking that out on someone else, showing up might include an acknowledgement that you were wrong and that an apology to the person on the receiving end of your hangriness is warranted.

And when a relationship begins to feel more and more like a chore, showing up might include taking a deeper look at your priorities and evaluating your next move. Sometimes it’s a hard conversation that gives way to tough choices, and sometimes it’s a reframe that will bring you back to what’s important.

give yourself an opportunity

Right here, right now you have the ability to take the reins and give yourself the opportunity to feel proud and happy and hopeful for what’s to come in your life.

Why wait for someday to make yourself proud when that day can be today.

I made this deal with myself to show up online for 30 straight days knowing full well that there was going to be a span of 14 days where things were going to be busy between social obligations and one of my best girlfriends tying the knot. Today makes for day 27 of the 30 and I’ve shared 12 times to Instagram.

Truth be told, this commitment I’ve made to show up has become a lesson in trusting myself.

I allowed myself to believe I am capable of anything and everything despite the down time needed to recharge as an introverted human. My go-to in times like these when I don’t meet my self-imposed expectations is to berate myself for not being able to do something as simple as showing up online for one month.

The truth, however, is that I’m figuring out who I want to be from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall asleep and with all aspects of everyday life. So while 30 straight days of posts and content would be beneficial, the lesson here is infinitely more important.

We miss out on an experience whenever we are late or choose not to attend an event, party, or get together because we don’t physically show up. Similarly, we’re missing out on the adventure of our lifetime when we choose comfort over courage, others over ourselves, or keeping ourselves hidden and not showing up for our lives.

so, how do you want to show up?

The way I see it, we have two options. We can show up as the person other people view us as which may include some sort of flailing and making a mockery of ourselves while willingly choosing the rockier path.

Or, we can show up as the people we want to be.

I can show up with courage and resilience and a sense of curiosity as I continue on in this journey. I can choose to move forward and learn from past experiences instead of allowing them to hold me back. I can choose myself and everything that comes with this choice instead of compromising and giving in to whatever it is which will make other people more comfortable with my life.

There’s so much I want to do and see that I can’t afford to wait for someone to do the work for me or wave a magic wand of approval for me on this journey. It’s up to me to take action and ownership of my life.

The same goes for you, too, so isn't it time you showed up for your life?


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It's Time You Showed up for Life by Christine Barnes