Kind Words

I've been fortunate to work with brave women and men who continue to expand their marks on the world.

Below you will find feedback from previous clients who not only did the work to achieve their desired goals, but who also made strides toward more extraordinary and meaningful lives.


"I was waiting around for my life to begin rather than making necessary changes to move forward. I had so many things I wanted to achieve and felt like I was lacking structure and a clear path to get to where I wanted to be. I needed guidance and desired a real change. I’ve learned that some things in my life are non-negotiable and to follow what feels right for me even though that might not be in line with the values of other people or with what is expected for me.

My biggest takeaway from working with Christine was that I can put myself first in my life and shouldn't only demand things of myself, but also nourish myself, respond to my own needs, and have a loving understanding and acceptance of my current life situation."

Ewa Lewandowska

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"I wanted to create big, lasting change in my life and Christine made me feel at ease and immediately supported. I feel like I have accomplished more than I expected through our time together—I have gained a sense of ownership of my life and like I can create my own adventure. Working with Christine gave me the clarity and direction I longed for."

Madison Hedlund


"I wanted to work with a coach who would help me to discover blocks while holding me accountable. I felt open and curious heading into our coaching series and I’ve since been able to identify gaps and just take action.

I feel very fortunate to have the had the opportunity to work with Christine who has reminded me to always celebrate the wins, both big and small, that are bringing me closer to my long term business goals."

Catherine Bui


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